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Work In Progress

Works in progress

Queer Anthology

compiled by Jamal Jones

This Anthology will be curated and selected by Jamal Jones a queer writer and editor.  This anthology will focus on the stories of emerging writers with fresh brave new voices. Each writer will submit up to seven works they would like selected for submission. Please send a short bio and cover letter.  Release Date July 27, 2019


The Recovery

by Charles Stokes

The Recovery is the last book of the Love, Pain & Poetry series for Charles Stokes. It will show the evolution of the poet from depression to joy and conclude this particular journey for our founding writer. Six books were originally planned but there are three collections that spin off of the story. More will follow. 


She Writes by

by Katherine E.H. Robinson

Katherine is a loyal muslim woman dedicated to her husband who has been arrested after being on the run. He faces life in prison for a crime he may or may not have committed. When convicted Katherine makes the difficult choice to stand next to her husband. Will he return the loyalty? This collection of poetry details that story.

She Was ".............."

by Charles Stokes

She was the find of a lifetime one December in a distant past. She baited I bought it.  We loved and sometimes fought. But would this last. This "Sleepless in Seattle" of mutual care and concern get serious when the plane tickets are purchased and plans are made. This gritty collection loves across oceans connected by phone email and text may be Charles's best collection to date. Set in Brooklyn this collection captures the story masterfully with poetic elements that keep the senses on edge.  (see instagram for teasers) 

Would you like to join our list?  You can send manuscript submissions to or click the button below.  In the subject line" ATTN: ResidentEditor for non-anthology submissions.  For anthology submissions please use the project name.  Example: ATTN: IMAGOES.