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Please submit for all projects here. Follow the instructions provided by the editor in charge of the project. The instructions are found on the project page for each respective work. Ensure that your subject line in your submission is spelled correctly. Example, "Imagoes Anthology". Do no abbreviate or otherwise take liberties with the subject line. It will not route to the proper inbox. Thank you. Please attach the following for any submissions:

  Cover page which includes:

  •     Book Title
  •     Author’s Name
  •     Mailing Address
  •     Email Address
  •     Phone Number
  •     Genre (Poetry, we are accepting manuscripts for all genre's through September)
  •     Estimated length of book
  •     Use Microsoft Word
  •     Double Spaced
  •     Font type – Times New Roman


  •     Use Microsoft Word
  •     Double Spaced
  •     Font– Times New Roman
  •     Ensure blank space/pages are left empty for any art you may have.