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Self Publisher's

So, you think you want to self publish a book?  Have you researched books like your own? Do you have art? How do you plan to market your book? Who will distribute it? Do you have a professional editor? Does your story make sense?  How long before you publish it?

These are questions you need to be asking yourself long before you register for a print on demand platform. I say that because when I did my first book I did so without the answers to these questions. I failed miserably in my personal opinion.  I got the second one correct.  I am very satisfied with it's overall impact.   

What if I said, you could learn from my mistakes by following some basic advice spending the same amount of money it would cost you in mistakes and gaining a team to help you promote your books?   You can, I've developed several services that will help every self-publisher publish like a pro. It's a mix of graphic design, marketing and publicity that gives you the foundation to start on. At some point you'll have to invest some real money into book development but for now. There's you, me, our team and opportunity.   

You ask well if you have all this why help the little ole' self publisher.  Well I'll tell you why. The prestege of having an amazing book is fulfilling. But I am unable to write enough books and blogs to arrest my appetite to create beautiful books. So, there's you with your beautiful unedited manuscript that needs the same attention and care as the next best-seller you intend it to be.  Most importantly, I believe books need family to raise it just like a child.  

That is why we offer complete support to the self publisher. Book covers, interior formatting, editing and we'll even build your author platform.  You need us to do it too. Because my first piece of advice is going to be a question. Who will read this book? Don't worry you won't have an answer.  Just start researching/reading other authors that will help you determine who you’re  targeting for this book.  Too much right? So, you want to build a book cover for  seventy year old reader with a manuscript for a seventeen year old?  Your book is about your reader once you decide to publish it. 

Now that you're reaching your target market your going to develop content that attracts that reader. Quotes, poems and photographs to immerse that reader into your world. While you're doing that. Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing will be developing your website, business cards, press release so you can focus on your art.  I've learned this lesson the hard way. Your art is important and will pay for your essentials.  

When we bring all of our fruit together. I'll make some marketing recommendations that you'll approve of or decline.  Then I'll read your manuscript and offer to hold a launch event for you. We will find success together.  

I will also check in to ensure your doing the agreed marketing plan. 

Why would I do all of this? 

I enjoy projects, poetry and people and I understand what an artist needs and have little of. Money makes the world go around and can stop your creativity. You'll notice we are competitively priced and prefer working with poetry.  

If you're struggling to sell your book or you want to self publish one in a short time frame contact us. We’ll strongly suggest against releasing a book in a week or two. A book takes time to develop and it takes strategies to sell. It's hard but help is here. 

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