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Queer Anthology

What is Love, Pain, Poetry?

Love, Pain & Poetry is a small press, founded in 2018, with the goal of creating space for emerging and established artists to grow. We believe in the power of poetry and prose as a means of therapy for those who are seeking to free themselves of anxiety or grief and move into the business of creating their own worlds. We provide a variety of services including: editing, publishing, and graphic design.

What is the “Imagoes Anthology Project?”

imagoes or imagines play\i-ˈmā-gə-ˌnēz,-ˈmä-;-ˈmā-jə-,-ˈma-\ : an insect in its final, adult, sexually mature, and typically winged state

“Anytime one tries to take fragments of one's personal mythology and make them understandable to the whole world, one reaches back to the past. It must be dreamed again.”

― Asotto Saint

Assotto Saint, queer poet and playwright, urged us, over two decades ago to search for a new naming of ourselves. For a fearless naming. One that is not concerned with being governable, digestible, or acceptable for the world around us. Saint urged us to step into an authenticity that was deliberately our own. It is with this spirit that Love, Pain & Poetry presents  “Imagoes a Queer Anthology” . To be compiled and edited by Jamal Jones: 

Jamal Rashad Jones is a DC-born and based writer, massage therapist, and poet. A founding member of the art collective, the Corner Collective- a lover of succulents, split verbs, scarves and coffee. Jamal is a Black, a Queer, an optimist when careful. A combination of ginger, sugar water, and happy teeth. His work has been featured in Argot Magazine, "", the "Moonsalt" chapbook , and Against Equality. Currently, Jamal is working as a fiction editor for African Voices Magazine, and pursuing a license in massage therapy.

With this anthology, we are primarily concerned with showcasing emerging queer writers. We are looking for work that centers the deliberate act of living for yourself and naming your experience. Please send us fearless work (poetry or prose) that is transgressive, brave, and fresh. We are looking for your best work. Writers are to submit no more than 7 poems (not to exceed 10 pgs.) to “”  All submissions are due by Oct. 31, 2018. (Make the Subject: Imageoes) or your submission will not be routed properly. 

Please attach a cover letter and bio to your submissions. We look forward to reading your work.