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My Name is Charles Stokes. I am the founder, creator of Love, Pain & Poetry and her subsidiaries.  I created this brand to promote therapeutic writing as a form of healing and self care. The name of my brand however was developed based on a broken heart that eventually with a few other losses lead to depression.  While in treatment I learned that people experience depression and anxiety for so many different reasons. Sexuality(rejection), sexual abuse, illness and the discrimination surrounding those experiences.  Which makes me extremely proud to announce: 

Imagoes: A Queer Anthology

Poems will be collected and edited Jamal Jones.

(more to follow) 


When I asked Jamal to do this I didn’t expect him to say yes. He had edited some of my poetry and he kept pushing me to try new styles.  He’s made me a better poet.  He will be responsible for my growth as a poet this year and I am honored to hand him the reigns of this project to be presented by Love, Pain & Poetry.  We have an expected release of June 2019. 


-Charles Stokes


Please share this with your friends, queer writers and anyone you think may take an interest in this project. We are also accepting art submissions for this project. Please send to:

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