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Coffee House by LPP

The Blog where we share best coffee, sips of tea and juicy news about self-publishing, query and our latest literary adventures.

Are you a Blogger?

Hi, I’m Charles the creator of The Coffee House where we serve Literary Tea or our version of it. 

We’re looking for bloggers who have a following that consumes poetry. If this is you please answer the following questions. 


Do you have at least 25 readers? Have you blogged poetry before? Would you consider blogging about poetry again? And on a regular basis if you are not already? 

If you aren’t a poetry reader, would you consider doing interviews? Our goal is to give indie authors a voice beyond their friends and family early on. If you’re interested let’s discuss. If you’re a fit for this please subscribe here. If so, someone from Love, Pain & Poetry will be in touch. Please share with a friend. 

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