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5 Ways to Market your Book

Here are five ways you can creatively market your book. 


1. Banners on websites that interest  your readers or in the middle of their blog similar to the one here are resonably priced. I’m certain $35 dollars will go a long way.  At least a month. That is roughly $1 dollar per day.











2. Trade shows/Literary fest you don’t even have to sell your book. Sell yourself. Please sell yourself. They’ll buy your book. Get it?

At  upshur street books  with great Real estate. 

At upshur street books with great Real estate. 






3. Call indie book stores or drop by see if they have a consignment program. Offer a favorable deal. You need shelf space. It’s important to your brand. Don’t forget to photograph your book on their shelves.


4. The book cover ensure that it’s creatively designed so it has other applications. Mugs, T-shirts and post cards.


5.  Book Marks are a great way to market your book. Just drop them off everywhere. I said it. Everywhere. I don’t have any book marks but I may have drink coasters strategically planted in a local bar. There are many ways to market a book these are just a few that I came up with. Later I’ll add a few more or do a comprehensive list with some strategies that will set you apart. Next time on Coffee House we’ll be checking in on the progress of our authors. Until then take care.