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I developed this blog to share with my readers a few of my tools that I prefer to use.  These are not the cheapest options. I feel they have the best value. You may find some of these don’t work for you.  Please by all means share with us what you use as an alternative and why. We’d like to try it out. With that said we hope that you use resource rich tools.  If you look at your book or books like a business you’ll find that a little overhead is a must. I'm providing these tools because before you contact me you need figure out the best use of your time. 

CreateSpace-is ok to produce print on demand books without color.  Less likely to get quantity orders due to pricing set up. Also, unless you purchase the ISBN your publisher is create space.  Sales data is real time and seamlessly sets up kindle file for $75 dollars. Best practices I’ve failed each time I didn’t use this valuable service.  

KDP-Pre-orders… can’t beat that. Sell Sell Sell use this tool it’s huge…

Ingram Spark-excellent for serial publishers. Best way to run a business. I don’t like that the reports cost. That was unpleasant but they send a report out periodically so just wait to see your sales. Also, you can do saddle stitch with these guys.

Adobe Suite (requires some skill) Excellent tool if you have the skill otherwise hire a graphic designer.  You usually won’t regret it. Just keep in mind that not all graphic designers are created equal. Use our in house designer for excellent results. He can be reached at

Eventbrite –I don’t like the fees but I love the ease of use for the customer.  The ability to print physical tickets. The Facebook integration is also a win for the customer, as they don’t have to leave Facebook. To check out our past events go to Eventbrite/Washington, D.C./Love Pain and Poetry.  It allows you to download a CSV and upload to Mail chimp or just use the integration. In fact, it has so many useful integrations. I don’t see me leaving Eventbrite anytime in the near future. 

Google Drive-unlimited storage that integrates with everything. It increases my productivity.  Everything is at my fingertips it’s amazing and underrated. I love apple products like my phone. But google drive storage is so much better. I can do anything from anywhere and any device with google drive. 

Intercom-IPhone app allows you to talk to your website visitors in real time just like a text message.  It collects data like no other app and can be completely automated to collect data. It’s a very useful tool at 49.99 it work lbs for you in your abscence. 

Squarespace-Expensive but user friendly templates allows for quick changes and sophisticated design.  I recommend it over other sites because of its ease of use. The integrations seem limitless and it allows you to spend more time on your craft. The time saved will be made up in productivity. I’ve built sites in five hours with content.  They also have four apps that allows you to manage inventory, blogs, analytics, and portfolio. 

Mail chimp-Manage email list and automate it all from mail chimp.  Then reengage your customers periodically with a giveaway or some other exclusive product. It integrates well with Eventbrite and Squarespace.

Stripe-basic online account management for your online store.  Easy set up and transfer to your bank account.

PayPal-POS app and card reader for on the go. Also powers online store.

Dropbox-great for large files and photos.

IMovie-spur of the moment video editing.  I used I Movie to edit video footage of The Depression and its Acceptance in the Chinatown metro station.

Facebook/ads/pages-Self-explanatory this is where the bulk of your known users will be. Family and friends.

Instagram-best place to gain followers.  Be consistent and creative.

Goodreads-encourage everyone you know to follow you on good reads.

Netgalley-more to come just know that it’s an amazing tool to have in the kit.  

Twitter-literary networking.

Podia-You can provide downloadable courseware and collect email addresses. I give away my courses for free.  You just have to register at

Link shortener (phone app)-Helps when posting web pages to twitter/Instagram bio and other places with condensed character counts.

Survey monkey-collect emails and survey.

The best thing about all of these apps is that they integrate with Google, Apple or Facebook.  This means you don’t have to worry about switching devices or getting a new one. Everything is a click away.  I can’t begin to speak of the productivity I have with these apps. I can plan and build a robust website in a day with the above apps.  Some of you won’t be able to do that. I’ve been coached by three graphic designers, a publicist and authors on how to use these tools. I know it can be daunting to think you need all these tools to create, publish and market your book.  Self-publishing doesn’t mean cut corners and some of these apps cost. This can run to about $250.00 a month. I’ve shown steady growth but everything costs.  In the pay to publish world it costs thousands to produce a book. We’re going to cut the price for now. Show you what you need to be doing as an author and build your platform. If you're self publishing or publishing please keep you’ll need these tools. 

We offer packages that can get you started.  You can figure out most of this on your own. You can set up a conference call for the rest.  I am not an expert at tech support. I am talented at using these tools for growth. Let me help. If your ready to get to work click the button. If you need more set up an appointment send me a message in the red box to the bottom right of your screen. I just gave you everything you need to D.I.Y.  If this was helpful click like.