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Keep the Sales Coming

Ok, if you’ve been reading my blogs so far you know there’s a lot you need to do long before putting your book on shelves.

I mean getting reviews and giving away free copies is hard work. You have to dig deeper if you want to find success.

How are you going to sell books into the future? The day after launch. For a poet it’s self explanatory. You go to open mics you perform well you sell books. It’s that simple unless you expect to be a bestseller then you need to keep reading. For other authors without that “rare” talent you need a strategy to continue book-sales  beyond your initial signing.  A lot of people will say you can do all this yourself. You can but can you do it all well? I recommend enlisting help. If your going to write more books, better books. Let someone else coordinate a few of these things on your behalf.

-Book tours
-Promoting said book tour
-Put your book in the KDP program
-Amazon & Goodreads Giveaways
-Trade shows/ Literary festival registration 
-Blog Tours

Go back through your list and ask for reviews from everyone who did not review your book. This isn’t anything revolutionary you can find blogs about what’s next all over the web. This is a reminder that a successful launch can fizzle and you need to keep that from happening. How do you that?  

You can always enlist Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing to take the weight off. It’s what we’re here for.  Just send me a message at the bottom right of your screen.  

Why enlist us? You need to put finishing touches on your manuscript. You also need to clean up that messy social media. Email book bloggers, follow-up. Work with a graphic designer for a book cover, format your interior. Build a website and make social media content.  We can do most of the latter. So you can focus on writing. 





NYC Poetry Festival

NYC Poetry Festival

Vending at the monthly Love, Pain & Poetry Open Mic      

Vending at the monthly Love, Pain & Poetry Open Mic




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