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Welcome to the Coffee House

Hi, my name is Charles and I’m a self published poet. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done but even more so of my progression. I spent countless hours formatting and staring at graphic designs in development of my three books. Today, I’m honored to say Love, Pain & Poetry is officially providing these services and more to self published authors. I’d also like to add we are also accepting manuscripts.

I guess you’re wondering why I would feel qualified to help others. We’ll I’m probably not but our resident graphic designer and editors are.  If you’d like to interview me buying my first and second book is a good start. Paperback of course.  I did the formatting in both and it was all intentional. I’m going to provide 5 tips today. When I’m done you will have 5 things you need to do before you launch.


  1. Open a twitter, Instagram and FB account for this writing career. Invite all of your friends. Only 10% are going to follow you and only 10% of that are going to buy your book. Don’t worry it’ll grow to 12% after a year. Joking but it’s easier to get strangers to follow you. Maybe my friends list will make a liar out of me. We shot to 69 likes in a few hours.
  2. You can blog, video blog or do a podcast to keep your followers engaged. You want the topic to be loosely related to what you plan to write so they are anticipating your book.
  3. Write your book with how your followers best receive information. My font in The Depression and Its Acceptance  is a testament to that. You are very familiar with it.
  4. Make friends with successful authors. No, literally make friends and be a good person. It goes a long way. I happen to be a poet. Poets are "artivist" which means they have a cause that you may identify with. Start there. 
  5. Edit, Edit, Edit, Edit, Edit. Editing is expensive but worth every penny. It’s your calling card. I made this mistake. My reason was therapy. I needed to put my book out for my own well being. You don’t have to make the same mistake.


Ok, so I gave you five things now here’s how to use us to get them done. Share this post with your friends and copy my first tip and your caption and quote me. Shame friends and family into following you. It’s best they know now your writing a book so they can hold you accountable and you them. They can’t say you didn’t tell them and they’ll ask you when is it coming out. 

The next thing is blogging or the video version of it gets you new followers if it’s good. If it’s related to poetry, or mental health share it to @lovepainpoetry Facebook page. No, I don’t care if you use my platform to grow. You're always welcome to pay it forward by submitting a regular blog.

Three is for poets, insta-poets have insta-readers so you want to write easily consumable poetry if that’s your following. If you have followers that like J.K. Rowlings good luck those are tough shoes to fill. Try to fill those shoes!

My friends list includes... and... none of your business go find your own literary friends. Don’t fake it because they are popular. Really befriend some people on twitter and they’ll help you.

Finally, editing is crucial. Most people can’t edit their own work. Men beware of your misogynistic thoughts. What’s misogyny? The end of your writing career if you’re not careful. Seriously, you don’t want to write something that harms a young mind. Same goes for racism.  I know you’re thinking he said “editing”. I did and it’s more than checking for periods and dotting the letter “i”. Stay tuned for our list of services. 

Our initial rollout will be:

  • chap book design
  • book cover design
  • per page/poem editing
  • self publishing starter kit (start with this blog)
  • self publish like a pro (we hand you a completed book and marketing plan)
  • author platform (webpage, social media and a consultation on growing an email list)

We have other services however, most can be walked through on the phone. We’ll set up a phone line for that in the future. For right now email me at to set up a consultation. If it applies, be sure to include a picture of your book cover front and back, synopsis and social media sites so we can talk. Before you spend a dime or call me click the link below and get started. Then lets talk about how you want to proceed.

Charles Stokes is the author of two poetry collections and a chap book. He has appeared on The Writers Haven with V.Helena and travels open mics performing his poems.   

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