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5 Things You Can do to Increase Reviews

5 things you can do to increase reviews.

1. Contact 100 book bloggers, friends, family and everyone you know in your community asking each one of them to write a review.  Send out a two week notice and tell them the day before. Hey, please post your review.  Cost $400.

2. Give an incentive to post your review. A giveaway of some sort or a special edition of your book. Mugs, t-shirts.  Number of reviews x the cost of the  item.

3. Last page of the book please provide a review if you liked this book. Cost ink.

4. Join book club: by LP&P Yes, you have to review two books to get in. In exchange you get access to authors, editors and maybe more. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  It’s Free.

5.  Goodreads giveaways will usually get one review for every twenty books you send out so that worked as well it’s just so tedious mailing those books to people. It’s hard work and somebody has to do it. Cost $70.

It seems like throwing away money. But reviews lead to better ranking and better rankings on amazon and good reads mean more strangers see and purchase your book. So for under $1000 dollars you can bring attention to your book on launch day.  What are you waiting for? Mom, Dad? Let’s get to work. 

I’m not a best seller with a busted platform. This works. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  

Bonus: write a killer book that will help with reviews as well.