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Author Platforms Sell Books

Building your website can be a tedious task. I mean just choosing the right host is a significant amount of research. Squarespace is perfect for people with no experience designing websites. It still has a learning curve. Wordpress works out to be much cheaper. At the end of the day your author website needs to do a few things.

1. Tell us about you. Readers buy two things a well written book and you. I am pretty good at poetry.  I rhyme I tell good stories and masterfully use alliteration.  More people buy my book to learn about my break-up and the depression it caused. 

2. Collect emails. A picture is worth a thousand words they said. Well, a email list is worth a million dollars. Email list comprise of engaged buyers. They’ll buy your work at a much higher rate than your social media following. 

3. It serves as a place for the internet to mark your presence. When people look for “you’re awesome” they’ll find you in all your glory.

4. Let’s face it the numbers say it all. Your book alone will probably not make you rich. But using your book to open doors that would not normally open can make for more numbers.

Ultimately, a book is a business and you have to treat it as such. Starting out with a great author platform is like having an attractive business facade. It’s inviting, be inviting. People don’t read anyway provide them a reason to do so.