Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing
Revolutionizing the way Indie's publish books.


Innovative and modern.

 Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


-Charles Stokes

When I set out to publish six books I didn't know I'd be halfway through in a year. After hiring countless Graphic designers, a publicist and going on air three times. I decided I wanted to publish books for others and help them achieve their dream of becoming an author. 

My day job was prohibitive so I managed my time by working during lunch and on my commute. I wrote a collection of poetry on the train about being on the train. My appetite to become a better writer and produce great books became insatiable. I realized I couldn't write enough of my own books to create to satisfy my craving. 

I approach each project with a more is less attitude. When it comes to design I prefer minimalist yet complex visual art accompanied by sophisticated language.  

Together, we can create an amazing product and do so that is cost effective without sacrificing quality.  I understand that a book needs a team and that's why our team of editors, graphic Designers, you and me will work diligently to ensure you have the best book on the market. 





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